I Need 10,000 Ideas… No Wait, I Need Ideas For 10,000…No, I need…Just Read

I need your help. It will just take a minute, I promise.

I have decided to undertake a project. A pretty big project. Something that came to me I’m guessing as a result of my impending 30th (honestly I’m not sure if it is suppose to phase me or not, but I haven’t really even thought twice about it), Malcolm Gladwell (loosely), my new job, my fitbit and the ever so common desires to “better” oneself. Expand your mind and experiences. Learn and see new things. All that jazz.


I have decide to fill the next year with a series of 10,000’s. Now you see the Gladwell and fitbit connections. Or maybe you don’t. It doesn’t matter. Keep going.

I am going to put together a series of goals for the next year all involving the number 10,000. The idea being that in my strive to achieve these goals I will be exposed to new things and new experiences constantly. And I am going to blog about it! Not because I think anyone will actually want to keep up and read it, but because A. It will keep me more accountable, and B. I just recently started a job that involves a lot of blogging. So I should do it. So I’m going to. I will keep track of my progress, give updates, reviews – you’ll see in a second, and just generally discuss the entire project.

Oh yea, the “I need your help part”! So I have started a list of goals, but I want more of them, so I need ideas and suggestions! They don’t have to be easy, but have to be physically attainable. For example (and to guide your suggestions) – Walk or Run 10,000 miles is not a good suggestion. 10,000/365 = 27.397, so whatever it is I need to be able to do, on average 27 of them a day. I am NOT going to run more than a marathon every day for a year. Sorry.

Here is what I have come up with so far, 10,000:

  • Minutes of new movies/shows (by far my easiest, I’ll probably do that by summer)
  • Pages of books
  • New twitter followers (Actually I have started a new themed account for this purpose, more on that later)
  • Dollars outside of normal income
  • Miles traveled outside of normal commuting

That is already a lot, but I want more! Please help me with any suggestions or ideas you may have, it really is much appreciated! I don’t care if they seem difficult, I may fail at some, hell I may even fail at them all, but it is about the process of trying. I’m really excited about this idea and looking forward to it. I am not sure exactly when I am going to start, but I will post that of course as well. If you ARE interested in following along, you now know where to find me! (Hint: this blog…)

Please please please help with ideas!


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