Wedding Over the Weekend. It Went Better Than Theirs. And Theirs. And Theirs.

So I am just over a week in (ok actually 10 days), and had planned on doing an update before this, but hey, I’m busy (you know, doing 130,000 things). Also I happened to start in a week that involved my birthday, and my cousin’s wedding, so we had a LOT of family visiting. The wedding and the entire week was amazing (Shauna and Al, I assume you are stopping to read this while on your honeymoon in Hawaii) and I had so much fun with everyone. That said, it was chaos, as family visits tend to be, so I probably didn’t get as much done as I would have liked. But hey! That’s why this is a year of 10K and not a day of 10K, right? I thought it would be nice to highlight in this post a pseudo behind the scenes into tracking all of this data. My wonderful genius of a brother set up a series of spreadsheets and pie charts in google drive to monitor everything. You can see some samples in the feature image down below (note: there are 27 – I think – different tabs, you can see three in that image). What’s even cooler is he built a quick little app that I can use (on my phone) to quickly enter totals as I complete portions of the goals! The app is composed of the updated pie charts, which also serve as buttons. As I click one, the information is entered into forms, which update the spreadsheets, which update the pie charts, which I HOPE to have embedded on this blog soon! That way at any given time you can check a page of the blog to see how I am doing. Cool!

Screenshot_2014-06-12-13-42-45arrow Screenshot_2014-06-12-13-51-58arrowTracking charts

A couple of highlights? Sure, no problem. I am plugging away at my fitness goals (push ups sit ups etc). Haven’t read nearly as much of Good Omens as I would have liked so far. But it’s hard to read when someone is rambling on about “I now pronounce you…”  I have watched a bit of TV (some Star Wars: The Clone Wars episodes and Game of Thrones!)  and seen a few movies. Fast and Furious 6 (I’m a sucker for that franchise), Edge of Tomorrow – which I really enjoyed. If you like sci-fi action, alien movies AND Groundhog Daythis one is for you. And perhaps on a much COOLER note, I was able to add about 90 minutes of movies for the “Best of Boston” screening for the 48 Hour Film Project, which I competed in and am happy to say our team made the “best of” again this year. So basically as a part of my 10,000 minutes of new movies, I got watch a series of short films shot in the Boston area by talented locals AND see my own name in the credits of one!

Also I did 4 crossword answers in bed and fell asleep. Note: “answers” not puzzles. 4/10,000. Cruisin!

That’s enough for now methinks, but I will have another post soon. I am getting my twitter campaign underway and will need help from anyone I can convince. Or bribe. So that comes next.

Also, Happy Friday the 13th!





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