Wedding Over the Weekend. It Went Better Than Theirs. And Theirs. And Theirs.

So I am just over a week in (ok actually 10 days), and had planned on doing an update before this, but hey, I’m busy (you know, doing 130,000 things). Also I happened to start in a week that involved my birthday, and my cousin’s wedding, so we had a LOT of family visiting. The wedding and the entire week was amazing (Shauna and Al, I assume you are stopping to read this while on your honeymoon in Hawaii) and I had so much fun with everyone. That said, it was chaos, (more…)


Ready? Set? Go?

Well, did June sneak up on anyone else? It sure as hell snuck (hey “snuck” is not a word according to spellcheck) up on me. I have about 2345 things I need to get done, and that is just for this blog and project! It is a very hectic week for me in and out of work.

However, the show must go on. And I did say I would be starting June 3rd, and so June 3rd is when the clock started ticking. I plan on having a lot more information on here (tracking progress and such), as well as maybe expanding to facebook and other social media for sharing purposes, I am just not sure yet.  (more…)