Wedding Over the Weekend. It Went Better Than Theirs. And Theirs. And Theirs.

So I am just over a week in (ok actually 10 days), and had planned on doing an update before this, but hey, I’m busy (you know, doing 130,000 things). Also I happened to start in a week that involved my birthday, and my cousin’s wedding, so we had a LOT of family visiting. The wedding and the entire week was amazing (Shauna and Al, I assume you are stopping to read this while on your honeymoon in Hawaii) and I had so much fun with everyone. That said, it was chaos, (more…)


Day 1- This is exhausting!

So even though I just posted, and I will not typically be posting this frequently, I thought it was pretty appropriate to do at least a Day 1 update. I am currently underway!

So today (yesterday by the time this is posted) was my birthday and the first day of my 10K year. It was a pretty hectic day, but overall fantastic. Progress wise, I completed all of my “daily” goalĀ (~27/day) of push-ups, sit-ups, jumping jacks, minutes of exercise, and water. I think that’s all anyway. So a good start!

After a long hectic day at work, I went with the fam to play some bar trivia at Patriot Place, (more…)