Busy Week – Back on Track!

MASC picLast week I had the pleasure of once again participating in a program that has truly helped shape the person I am today. The week long MASC summer conference that I work at helps teach high school student council members about leadership, communication, teamwork, goal setting and problem solving.  It is amazing that just one week of the year can have such a lasting impact on me, the staff and hundreds of student leaders every year. I count myself lucky to still be a part of the MASC program and be able to hopefully influence and help students.

That said, I got next to nothing done goal-wise! But that is quite alright. The week is obviously worth it and I have plenty of time. So now, I am back on track and back in the swing of things.

I did rack up some travel mileage though! A trip to NH and then travelling to camp in Worcester, and a friend’s wedding up in Princeton, MA.

More updates will come soon, I just needed to post something since I feel like it has been months since my last update. Thanks to everyone in the MASC organization for consistently providing one of the best weeks of the year! I already miss it.