The Beginning of the End? Or the End of the Beginning?

Attitude-is-everythingI have faltered. I have staggered. My efforts have dwindled. I have doubted.

I am not nearly where I should be for many of my goals. I haven’t blogged enough. I haven’t exercised enough. I haven’t tweeted enough. I haven’t read enough. Earned enough. Crossworded enough. This of course is by no means an easy challenge. I knew that from the beginning. However I would be lying if I said I haven’t been a bit discouraged lately. It is a LOT to do! And I have felt the near overwhelming pressure of not keeping pace with my goals.

I have no doubt been in a funk.

In life, we all face uphill battles from time to time. It is how we endure and overcome. Often times, the very things that seem to be all wrong, and putting you off your pace, in reality are what can motivate and drive you the most. It is all a matter of perspective. You can get down and feel defeated, or you can press on. Get better. Prove yourself. Typically you just need a little kick in the ass. Luckily and happily, I got mine! I am pumped. I am excited. I am ready to get back on track. Currently I am scheduling more tweets, I am reading more. I am exercising more. This is just the end of the beginning. I have a whole lot of year left, and plenty of time. Let’s do this.

I was running today, and ran past a high school runner. He held his fist up, smiled at me, and said “Keep it up!”

I will do just that.

Attitude is Everything.

Change your perception. Stay Positive. Get yourself kicked in the ass.

More to come!